week 16--hand

Holding hands. Hand in marriage. Lend a hand. Handstand. Think of how much we use them and how we'd function without them. (We couldn't.) They're probably one of the most taken-for-granted things around. I started with thoughts such as those, then looked online for more and found these that I printed onto a used dryer sheet (really--I'd read about that in a quilting mag and knew I'd been saving those for a reason, just didn't yet know what that was). Beneath that layer is the woodcut-look graphic of hands, printed on fabric, cut out and adhered to the base layer of fabric. This piece is sortof reversible, nearly an illusion of see-through, as it is backed with the first printing attempt of the hands and words on one piece of fabric. (It didn't come out as I'd envisioned so I adjusted my proverbial sails, pushed beyond, and am pleased with the results.) It's very simple, and it's done.


Fibra Artysta said...

I really love this one!

Nancy said...

Wow - I really love the ideas at work here - the layering, see-thru, monochromatic, etc... This is is interesting, and holds my attention for a long time.