week 40--square

Such a basic shape. Simple. Plain. Uncomplicated. (Circles, too. That word will probably come out of the little red bag next; I assume it's in there since triangle was an early draw.) There were varied ideas for this one: 'Hollywood Squares', 'three squares a day', 'square root', and an op-art style layering of squares.  But I settled on squares of different sizes cut from handmade paper, rubber-stamped vellum, and dotted fabric (to contrast all those straight edges), and embellished them with purple, silver, and ivory square beads.  Pleasing placement on a rectangle was another minor challenge; centered won.

Cotton batiks and commercial prints, vellum, handmade paper, glass and metal beads, machine stitching.


week 39--white

White isn't just white.  It comes in lots of colors. Yeah, sounds weird, but it's true.  Just go to the paint store.  I pulled every chip that had the word 'white' in the name.  From some of them I cut these snowflakes, representative of the gazillions of flakes that Mother Nature has dumped on us this year. (What is this--Minnesota?!?) Shown are Ash White, Cottage White, Nano White, Muslin White, Antique White, White Lagoon, White on White, Weathered White, Stone White, Shamrock White, and Ballet White.   Other chips I pulled but didn't use include Granny Smith White, Whisper White, Mirage White, White Fur, Steam White, Swan White, Dove White, Pure White, and--believe it or don't--White.

Stay warm.

Cotton, paper paint chips, cotton thread, glass beads.