week 22--number

Yep, another lame-o. (This piece is 'number'?!?) I had thought of 'inventorying' my sewing room, showing it in numbers: 14 scissors, 6 rotary cutters, 6 sewing machines, untold threads and needles and fabrics and books and beads and embellishments and... Well, a song that is stuck in my head so often is Lowell George's "20 Million Things To Do"*, since that's what my mental list usually feels like. So here are little visuals of my to-do list: my family, including its four-legged & finned additions; my house and its upkeep (gardens, general maintenance, shopping--you know, the never ending need for milk and fruit and toothpaste and toilet paper and...); my sewing (this project, other sewing, ironing--sorry for the lousy representation of an iron; some in this house might say that since I don't use it very often then of course I couldn't draw one well, even a stick-figure version!); and things for myself (computer time [read: keeping up with friends], running, and reading). Pigma pen on cotton. That's it.
Still a couple of weeks behind...

*Not sure the whole thing will play. Suzy Bogguss recorded it, too.


week 21--liquid

Hmmm. Already did water and rain; so many possibilities for this word. (Should I have done gushing oil? Grrr.) I'd been thinking of doing something with text, so found some 'drippy' fonts and chose this one, painted it with Jacquard Lumiere paint, carefully and slowly with a really thin brush, and added thread and beads (same one's from last week's project). Not a stellar performance, but you get the idea.
Just two more words to go to catch up--today I'm excited about what the next word will be...


week 20--blue

So does this one say 'blue'? I think back to how lame 'black' was, though someone at the Fiber Art Show last weekend said she totally 'got' that one. (The whole collection, up to week 19, was on display there and people said how different it was to see them all 'in person'.) This one might make up for all the times I thought I hadn't used enough beads and embellishments.
Fusible web, ribbon, decorative yarns, buttons, and beads.
Only two-and-a-half weeks behind--I'm catching up!


week 19--rain

It's a good thing I bought that rain-looking fabric, whenever and wherever that was; I've now used it 3 times for this project. The theme here is pretty obvious, "April showers..."; you know the rest.
Rubber stamps, vellum, fabric markers, beading.
I'm just three weeks behind with this challenge; I'll catch up.