week 42--orange

So this one took 'only' 7 months.
Last summer, my tiger lilies bloomed so beautifully in the back garden and I immediately began a fabric version of one. It was proving to be pretty cool, but complicated... layered fabrics, paint, embroidery, wire, clay... These are supposed to be quick (one week--HA!) little pieces of art.  And there it still sits, another 'UFO' cluttering my work table.  Later this past summer, we painted our house a lovely shade of pine green ('Dakota Shadow'--wouldn't you love the job of coming up with paint color names?!?), with purple shutters ('Black Amethyst') and an orange door. A really orange door. I couldn't find a paint chip that I liked, so had it custom-matched to a just-right piece of mat board behind one of my son's art class projects. Suggested names have included 'pumpkin guts' and 'Blade bag orange' (our newspaper--The Blade--is delivered in plastic bags this color). I hadn't made the connection between the door and this project until recently; when it hit me, out came the orange fabric scraps, of which I have many since making a couple of big deal quilts in '06 and '08.

Commercial cottons, fusible web, embroidery floss, decorative fiber.