week 25--red

My original idea for this week's project didn't pan out so I'll save it for another word. (Intrigued? Not much? Okay.) So idea #2 was to attempt a lesson from my old art major days in college, that of 'layering' colors, or selecting colors so they appear layered, transparent. With this I tried to 'layer' just reds; I think it came out okay. Relatively simple, graphic.

Must get moving onto the next word...

Cotton fabrics, cotton thread.


week 24--vegetable

I decided with this one to get back to technique (as in 'trying new') and not worry so much about concept. I've wanted to try stamping and painting, so decided to use veggies to stamp with. To shake things up, I used different colors than expected: blue for the green pepper rings, orangey-red for the shallots, and yellow for the garlic, all over a green print made by rolling corn. Each image is highlighted (okay, that may be a stretch) with machine-quilting in matching thread. I chose the background fabric because it looked burlap-ey, market-basket-ey. Okey-dokey.

Jacquard Lumiere paints on cotton, machine-quilting with cotton thread.


week 23--park

Our summer vacation last week took us to Wyoming and Montana, examples of some of Mother Nature's finest work. All the mountains out there--probably the grandest, most imposing are in Grand Teton National Park--are make-me-cry beautiful, especially when driving away from them to return home.
When I originally selected words for this project, I'd been running most days on the trails at the nearest metropark, no doubt what brought this word to mind. Since then, I run on roads so I didn't imagine the metropark when I pulled this word; rather, the first thing I pictured was a black rectangle with yellow lines--a parking lot. I'd thought of including a little bit of one in this but frankly forgot as the design evolved. There are certainly a lot of parking lots out there, some not big enough--we were caught in a 'traffic jam' in one as vehicles from motorcycles to enormous busses jockeyed for openings that weren't there--but it's easy to see why: everyone should visit these mountains.
(Note that this is simply a representation--not a scale model drawing of any particular range!)
Wool roving felted onto a wool base; beads.