week 13--earth

Earth, the planet? Or earth, the soil? Just a few ideas for this one, then, while running after a spring rain, I saw so many worms. And as I jogged past a new home site with excavators and dump trucks, I envisioned this scene. Earth, the soil of the planet, being ravaged for another McMansion. How many earthworms (and...?) must have been misplaced by the digging, or at least re-arranged onto enormous piles of dirt now above ground. (And where will those piles of dirt go?) It reminded me of a book my son and I read a hundred times when he was much littler, Farewell to Shady Glade, by Bill Peet. Check it out.
Does anyone ever buy an empty lot that's for sale just to leave it an empty lot? I've always wished I could.
Fusible-web applique (as usual), pigma pen (ditto).

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Peter said...

Was the worm Joe's idea?