week 36--sun

Today begins week 41 of 2011, so this is only a few weeks late (oh, plus one year) ... I will spare you the lame excuses for the delay. They're the same as always anyway.

The inspiration to finally take this one on came last week during a 'moment of silence'; I envisioned my 'core' and it burst out (just figuratively!) like the sun, from deep yellow/orange at the center, layered colors fading to the edges. Last April, at the big quilt show in Cinci, I'd purchased some silk dyes but hadn't used them yet. This project called for them, finally. I went for it, without reading the directions first (rebel!) so the squiggles/rays didn't stay white and the colors didn't quite stay within their boundaries, but hey, this is the sun. Just try telling it to not flare out.
Not the clearest pic--my cell phone camera usually takes great ones, but evidently not this time.

Silk, silk resist, Colorhue dyes, decorative yarn, cotton thread, glass beads.