week 12--yellow

Right after I pulled this one out of the bag,I turned around and noticed that my sewing table was covered in yellow scraps. I was in the process of creating a wall-hanging for a sale I did yesterday (sold it, too; thanks J&S!) and there was a sea of assorted yellow fabrics in front of me, more draped over the back of my sewing chair, as well as yellow-headed pins, yellow threads, yellow-handled rotary cutters, and yellow lines on the cutting mat. Big Bird standing in the room would have completed the scene.
Fusible-web applique, machine-stitching, embellished with pins (probably the first time those have been considered an 'embellishment'), an 'Olfa' (rotary cutter) lapel pin, and a wooden spool of thread, marked 19 cents. Ha!


week 11--bag

Again, not so 'artistic', barely creative. Not a bead or fancy thread in site. But it is sorta cute, and the first 3-d piece in the series. Which I suppose makes it functional, as if that matters. Which it doesn't.
Fusible-webbed batik (it just LOOKS like grocery-sack paper, albeit stained), pigma pen.


week 10--water

So I'm a day late. Life happens. This one wasn't as easy as it could have/should have been, I suppose; I ended up going for the literal, representational approach. Rather a cop-out, to me anyway, but there it is. A water tap, rain--that same rain fabric again!--ice cubes, clouds (yes, those are supposed to be clouds), and a river. Yes, it's muddy-brownish-grey, but it's Toledo in the spring and this is what the rivers look like right now. Fusible-web applique, a few lines with pigma pens, and a skosh of machine-quilting. I know now that it's time to push myself a bit beyond my artistic edges. (Big thanks to Lynn at fibraartysta.blogspot.com for showing my work on her blog. What an honor.)


week 9--cold

Two weeks after "hot" and I pull this one. Again, I prefer to show (or at least TRY to show) the concept of the word without creating a pictorial piece. No polar bears or icicles or snowflakes, though I originally wanted to represent the sweeps of super-thin ice on a frosty window. I chose cool colors grading out from the coldest, iciest core, 1/2-inch squares of fabric fusible-webbed down onto Timtex, then embellished with hand-sewn iridescent beads in shades of ice-blue and -purple.