week 15--flower

Delayed again, but here it is. I'll catch up to the schedule, maybe next week.
As it's spring-time, today being a damn fine example of it (and I'm inside doing this post), 'flower' was a nice word to pull out of the bag. I wasn't sure what to do with it though (nothing new), but ended up thinking about it en route home from Chicago's International Quilt Festival--that's a whole other story. Anyway, rather than putting a flower 'on' the surface, I was thinking of some of the quilt artists I've read about and whose work I've seen, and recalled that the quilting can create the design. So, using a bright, variegated thread, I free-motion stitched the background to create the shapes of the flowers; it reminded me of the saying about sculptors carving away everything that doesn't look like their subject. I added ribbon to the edge, and stuffed more of the ribbon under a layer of beige tulle stitched around the flowers' centers.

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Jean Baardsen said...

That worked really well! I like it a lot!