week 14--bug

No, I didn't catch one, and no, I didn't fall into the pit of last week's 'earth' piece. Life just got in the way; I figured that would happen on occasion with this project. But last week's piece is finally finished. Bug. I took a lot of pictures when Joe and I went to the zoo last week; one of his favorite haunts there is the bug exhibit. I generally don't care for things with more than four legs, but some beetles on exhibit had beautiful blue-green backs; one species inspired this week's entry.
Fusible-web applique, rubber stamping, pigma pens, embroidery, beads.
This week's project may be delayed as well, depending on the word, as I'm off to Quilt Festival in Chicago for the weekend to visit a quilt of mine on exhibit and buy too much fabric and other unnecessary stuff.

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