week 37--thin

Wow, really?!?  October 2011?!? True, I was really stumped on this one, but over a year-and-a-half? Obviously I lost commitment to this project while life continued on, though the word always lurked in the back of my mind.  And I got caught between concept and technique--how does one show thin? Ultimately, I decided that thin is relative.  A hair is thinner than a wire, a wire is thinner than a twig, a twig is thinner than a supermodel (though not by much), a supermodel is thinner than I, ad infinitum...
So I simply chose fabrics with stripes of different widths; each stripe has its own dimension; it's only by comparison that one becomes thinner--or not.
(So curious what word I'll pull out next from the little red bag, once I dig through the cobwebs!)

Cotton, rayon, fusible web, decorative yarn, cotton thread.