week 23--park

Our summer vacation last week took us to Wyoming and Montana, examples of some of Mother Nature's finest work. All the mountains out there--probably the grandest, most imposing are in Grand Teton National Park--are make-me-cry beautiful, especially when driving away from them to return home.
When I originally selected words for this project, I'd been running most days on the trails at the nearest metropark, no doubt what brought this word to mind. Since then, I run on roads so I didn't imagine the metropark when I pulled this word; rather, the first thing I pictured was a black rectangle with yellow lines--a parking lot. I'd thought of including a little bit of one in this but frankly forgot as the design evolved. There are certainly a lot of parking lots out there, some not big enough--we were caught in a 'traffic jam' in one as vehicles from motorcycles to enormous busses jockeyed for openings that weren't there--but it's easy to see why: everyone should visit these mountains.
(Note that this is simply a representation--not a scale model drawing of any particular range!)
Wool roving felted onto a wool base; beads.


Jean Baardsen said...

Love it!

Sheila said...

Very soothing, evocative! Keep up the good work!