week 22--number

Yep, another lame-o. (This piece is 'number'?!?) I had thought of 'inventorying' my sewing room, showing it in numbers: 14 scissors, 6 rotary cutters, 6 sewing machines, untold threads and needles and fabrics and books and beads and embellishments and... Well, a song that is stuck in my head so often is Lowell George's "20 Million Things To Do"*, since that's what my mental list usually feels like. So here are little visuals of my to-do list: my family, including its four-legged & finned additions; my house and its upkeep (gardens, general maintenance, shopping--you know, the never ending need for milk and fruit and toothpaste and toilet paper and...); my sewing (this project, other sewing, ironing--sorry for the lousy representation of an iron; some in this house might say that since I don't use it very often then of course I couldn't draw one well, even a stick-figure version!); and things for myself (computer time [read: keeping up with friends], running, and reading). Pigma pen on cotton. That's it.
Still a couple of weeks behind...

*Not sure the whole thing will play. Suzy Bogguss recorded it, too.

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Dreams can come true! said...

I totally get frustration in getting everything done that you want to do in your head, Add to that what hubby and kids want, Lord knows we have the time. LOL.
I added 3 chicken to my time, I'm nuts now, Chris (Please join my blog)