week 34--moon

Back so soon? Yup, I am. I liked this word from the moment I pulled it. Ideas didn't flow right off the bat, but I just went for it after a couple of days and here it is. As I worked on it, I wasn't sure the result would reflect the effort, but I am happy with the outcome after all.
I mixed three colors of Jacquard Lumiere paint (metallics in pewter, pearl white, and turquoise) in soapy water on waxed paper, dipped an old cd in it and 'stamped' it on a used dryer sheet, hoping that soap bubbles would create the illusion of craters. The concept was there, but the process didn't quite get it, so with a foam brush I just painted the whole thing, using more pewter to the shadow side and more pearl white to the bright side. Machine-stitching with two shades of grey thread took care of the craters.

Painted used dryer sheet, Jacquard paint, fusible web, cotton backing fabric, machine-stitching, hand-beading.


Sheila said...

CD? Soap bubbles and paint?! I am especially impressed that you THINK of these things!!! Hooray for getting back to your project....a huge "atta girl" for you!

Anonymous said...

Bet you only see one like this once in a blue moon!