Is 'start again' an oxymoron?

Okay--new year, new plans. I have placed 52 little pieces of paper in a little bag, each with one word such as 'circle', 'red', 'flamboyant', 'tree', etc., just little jumping-off points to get me started. I will make a 5"x6" piece of art each week, be it fiber or paper or felting or ...., inspired by whichever word I pull out. I asked Joe to do some of the words, so I'd be surprised, requesting he not put in words like 'alien'. (He's 9, you know, so is big on aliens and Star Wars and such. He wouldn't do it, but decided to begin his own project to draw an alien a day. See? Each of us inspires others, in some way.) I'm not planning on any other rules with this project, but to finish each piece within the week--knowing they are not for show but just to get me moving again, artistically. Oh, yeah--and I'll post photos of them here. So I guess they are for show. Maybe I'll post Joe's aliens, too.
I'm not really sure I have time for this sort of thing, but I see so many others doing so much with their time, there's no reason I can't at least try to do the same.
p.s. Re: 'start again', I began this blog a few years ago but never told anybody. Silly. Now it's for real.


Nancy said...

Excellent! Ambitious! You're raising the bar on me! -NB

Anonymous said...

way to go Annie!
I'm envious of your determination and discipline.
thanks for including me in the blog.

Wendy Nathan said...

Annie. I enjoyed looking at your art and reading your posts. Congrats on making this happen for you! Wendy