and the word is...air

Okay--the first one is done. I pulled the word 'air' out of the bag last Sunday, didn't like it, and tossed it back in. (My challenge, my rules.) I pulled out another word I didn't care for, tossed it back, pulled another, tossed that one back, then pulled out 'air' again. Out of 52 little pieces of paper, to have pulled it out again so soon told me it was meant to be. I'll deal with the rejected words some other week. If an inkling of an idea doesn't hit me right away, back into the bag they go.
So, 'air'. Tough one. It's hard to represent wispy with solid materials. I decided thread can be wispy so I made a frame (Timtex covered with a batik fabric that has a wind-blown sort of flow to it), and stitched light blue thread across nothingness except a few pieces of fine monofilament (I suppose now that they were structurally unnecessary) from inner edge to inner edge. I couldn't find light blue embellishment fibers at any craft store in town so cut my blue thread into short pieces and stitched them in place as I zig-zagged the outer edge. To add a touch of sparkle, like in the uber-cold air outside, I tied a few blue beads onto the threads (with thread), though their iridescence doesn't show at all in the photo.
Reaching into the bag for word #2...

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Nancy said...

Nice!! You know how I love monofilament - that alone with clear glass beads would mimic what I see blowing past my window right now...!- NB