week 32--fruit

I'm baaack. This week's word (this month's, perhaps? ha) gave me the usual challenges; not only the I-can't-figure-out-what-to-do-with-this-word challenge, but also the issue that I took my sewing machine to a machine dealer/repair shop/quilt shop yesterday for a tune-up and won't have it back for a week. (At the shop, I proceeded to buy a bunch of fabric for a quilt--now I can't sew it together!) So I had to make this piece without a sewing machine. A friend wants to borrow my felting machine so I decided to use it quick before I pass it on.

Wool, hand-dyed (by someone else) cotton batting, glass beads, pigma pens, pencil, on cotton osnaburg, wool yarn edging.

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marcia ward said...

i love that you used what tools you had available to get the job done anne! lovely!