week 30--bird

I liked this one when I pulled out of the bag, but of course wasn't sure what to do with it. Birds are popular subjects in the quilt art/mixed media magazines but I didn't want to copy someone else's design. This bird design may look familiar to some, as it is from my holiday card many years running. I was doodling, probably twenty years ago in this very room, when I noticed two swooshes I'd drawn looked rather like a bird, a dove. One more swoosh for the olive branch and it was complete. Except for a few scattered years when life got too busy and it was easier to buy a box of cards, this has been what I've sent out. For this project, I decided to add a 'nest' on two edges, so it wouldn't be so plain.
Cotton batik, hand-embroidery, fusible-web.


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Sheila said...

Classy, simple, and above all, done! You're gettin' there, girl!