week 10--water

So I'm a day late. Life happens. This one wasn't as easy as it could have/should have been, I suppose; I ended up going for the literal, representational approach. Rather a cop-out, to me anyway, but there it is. A water tap, rain--that same rain fabric again!--ice cubes, clouds (yes, those are supposed to be clouds), and a river. Yes, it's muddy-brownish-grey, but it's Toledo in the spring and this is what the rivers look like right now. Fusible-web applique, a few lines with pigma pens, and a skosh of machine-quilting. I know now that it's time to push myself a bit beyond my artistic edges. (Big thanks to Lynn at fibraartysta.blogspot.com for showing my work on her blog. What an honor.)


Jean Baardsen said...

Wow - don't be so hard on yourself! It's really cute - I love the drop of water hanging from the tap. Why can't things be literal once in awhile? Your colors, your composition, and your interpretation are all great! I admire you for getting through 10 weeks already. I just started following your blog last week, (thanks to Lynn). I was wondering what's going to happen at the end of the year when you have all these words left that you've rejected many times. :o}

Nancy said...

I like it! I like the colors and the way you divided up the space - and I, too, am impresses that you're still going at week 10!