week 7--hot

Hot stuff. Hot potato. Hot to trot. I imagine 'hot' and can't help but envision waves of heat rise and waver like sun rays.
The background fabric was to look like a desert (something I've not yet seen for real), but I wanted to avoid gratuitous cacti and sun-bleached animal skulls. Wavy sun rays in darkening layers of hot colors entwine around each other show heat (I hope), machine-quilting radiates to the edges, and some shimmering orange and yellow beads add spark.
p.s. Is 'entwine around' redundant?


Noreen said...

This is hot. Really hot. Smoking hot. Wow. I have a new favorite.

Theresa said...

Wow. I love all these so far ... and what a fun idea! Great color and movement in this one. Im doing a sweater (knit) in blues and cream -- the complete opposite concept :)

wendy Nathan said...

Yes, it is hot! Beautiful!

Nancy said...

Yeah, and from someone who HAS lived in HOT - this does it for me, too. You pretty much nailed it... Nice job!